i would like to wish to all of my friends and myself all the best and good luck in the upcoming examinations, cause i know we are going to need a lot of it. special message to MARA scholarship recipients : mara dah tk bg extend, so kalau nak balik summer, jgn fail.

that's all, i need to study now.

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salam aidilfitri dari preston, victoria. maaf zahir dan batin dipinta. moga2 syawal disambut meriah dimana anda berada.

ps: rakan2 di melbourne jemputlah dtg ke rumah. ada rezeki, kami buatlah open house (tk janji tau).

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How NOT To Be A Millionaire

a friend of mine post it at facebook, and i kinda like it, so i want to share it with

you guys.
How Not To Be A Millionaire

Buy a sport car.

Subsequently,pay for the installments,road tax,auto insurance,ever increasing fuel,sky-high parking fees,traffic offences,maintenance fees,new sport rims,spoilers and an over the-top auto sound system.

Be extra nice to your parents.Move out.Rent that dream bachelor's pad.Fill it with minimalist designer furniture.Invest in a proper kitchen even you can't cook.

Buy a really big TV.Don't wimp out,anything below 50 inches is microscopic.

Buy a PS3.Buy an X-BOX 360.Buy a Wii.Buy a a DS.While you're at it,get an MBA as well.

Feel free to add to your sneaker,comic,movie,t-shirt,toy,book and manga.

Try extra-curricular activities like paintball,go-karting,mountain bike trekking,radio controlled cars,planes,helicopters and boats.

Get all your favourite BPL football team merchandise.Home and away strips included.Buy the silly hats,giant fingers and masks.

Go and see them play at least once a year in the UK.

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by now,this is where it gets hairy.

Gets a girlfriend.Spare no expense.Buy her the latest designer and luxury brands.Add regularly to her LV collection if you know what's good for you.

Pay for her manicure,pedicure,hair and beauty treatments.Pay for her occasional slimming sessions.

Go for that essential,relaxing spa weekend.Go for that even more essential,romantic getaway every month or so.

Get a credit card.Max it out.Get her a credit card.Watch with "amazement" as she maxes it out even faster.

Have big birthday bashes.If you beat the 365 to 1 odds and share the same birthday with her,you might save some cash here.NOT.

Leave your money in the bank and let inflation dilute your cash,if you actually have any left by now.

Go out and party every weekend.Be generous.Buy every round.

Forget fast food and coffee shops,eat at the best restaurants.

Don't waste your money investing in unit trusts,property and business.It'll only dilute your spending power.Because,your real financial problems haven't begun yet.

Because...on one "fine" day,you"ll propose to her.

NOW,if you really want to enjoy everything that life has to offer way before before your metabolism starts to slow and your belly begins to bloat,simply MANAGING YOUR PERSONAL MONEY.;-)

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ape nak dikata

terlalu banyak yang berlaku, terlalu banyak yg nak diucapkan, tp terlalu sedikit yg diluahkan. hai.

ramadan tahun ni dah dua minggu lebih. masuk tahun ni dah 14 tahun aku puasa, mula belajar sejak darjah satu. kalau masa tu ada anak kecil yg lahir, sekarang ni dia dah masuk form 2, dah besar dah, dah pandai cari awek ape semua.

tapi 14 tahun ni aku terasa puasa aku tk ade peningkatan pun. kalau setakat menahan diri dari perkara yg mmbatalkan puasa mmg aku yakin aku cemerlang, HD bak kate org sini. tapi dari segi pengisian tk seberapa mana.

terawih macam tulah, lubang2, lg banyak lubang dari berisi agaknya. puasa dipenuhi dgn tidur, mulut tk basah dgn zikir/ayat quran tp basah dgn cacian dan makian, kalau bukan sebab tension main game, tension pasal bas lambat.

pertama kali berpuasa di tempat org mmg tk seronok. suasana meriah ramadan tu tiada lgsung.kalau dulu meja penuh dgn juadah dari bazaar, skrg penuh dgn plastik coles saje. masjid sgt jauh dari rumah, nak pg kene naik bas. maka tk trdgr bacaan quran dan tazkirah di malam hari. entah macam mane raye nnt yek. mesti sgt mmbosankan, dahla kami di preston terpisah dari rakan2 di city.

ak bkn homesick, cume ak terase perbezaan yg ketara. perbezaan yg kurang digemari,suasana yg asing. ak merindui ramadan di malaysia. sedikit menyesal pula tk balik raya.

akan tetapi malaysia yg aku sanjungi dan sayangi itu sudah berubah.

kebencian dimane2. sana sini ade demonstrasi. mulut masing2 makin celupar dan lantang. muhibah dan perpaduan sudah bagaikan tidak wujud lg, digantikan dgn kemarahan dan kejlikan terhadap sesama sendiri. apa dah jadi?

sekali imbas masing2 akan menuding jari pada org lain. pihak ini akan kata itu kerja puak itu, yg sana pulak kata parti itu dalang semuanya. tiada siapa yg mahu berfikir, hanya mahu menyalahkan.

ak tak mahu menyebelah mana2 pihak, kerana aku kurang pasti ttg kebenarannya, bak kata org kalau tk tau diam. cuma ak merasakan ini mungkin kerana, sperti yg dikatakan di atas td, terlalu sedikit yg diluahkan bila terlalu banyak yg perlu dibicarakan.

ada isu berbangkit, ketidakpuasan hati, maka disenyapkan suara2 itu, diabaikan. ditadah sahaja bagai menadah air hujan dgn tempayan, walhal bila tempayan itu penuh maka air akan melimpah keluar. bila melimpah inilah jadinya.

ada satu komen di suatu blog (tk ingat mana) mengatakan malaysia itu dah hampir karam. oh tidak. aku harap dan berdoa agar malaysia tidak akan karam. kalau karam apalah nasib anak2 malaysia ini, lagi2 mereka yg masih kecil itu. kalau nasib baik hanyutlah kita ke daratan, tp kalau lemas?

maka diharapkan agar mereka2 ini dpt menyelesaikan semua isu yg ada dan kembalikan malaysia yg dulu itu kepada kita. lupakan permusuhan, fikirkan masa depan negara dan sama berusaha utk pulihkan keadaan, bak kata wonderpets, yg pnting itu adalah kerjasama.

tgk, wonderpets pn tahu dan faham maksud kerjasama.

sekian utk hari ini.

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work in progress

blogging used to be my forte'. well, not exactly, it's just something that i like to do. ive always remember the days when my blog site was the first thing i check, not fb or my email, to read any new post from my friends or checked if anyone has left a comment on my post. really, it was fun.

however time goes by, and soon one by one these blogs, including mine, started to became inactive, nobody posted new stuff anymore, and this blogging hype kinda just slowly fades away. some of us still actively blogging though, and for that i must say thanks, cause you guys are trying to keeping this stuff alive.

all this months of hiatus really makes me ponder whether i was really serious in blogging or just following the popular trend of blogging. of course, it's not like im posting any serious stuffs like politics and such, but i dont want to be known as the person who hangat2 tahi ayam, thats for sure.

so, currently im thinking of giving a new face to this site, maybe a change in address, i dont know. however i hope it wont take a long time and soon, i might be able to write as often as i used to do in the past. in the meantime, keep blogging guys.


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down is the way to go

may. autumn is in full swing now, despite showing less dramatic effects frequently featured in korean dramas, without the thousand fallen leaves forming a huge yellow-brown carpet on the ground. the cold, though, is a different story, completely unbearable. with certain nights being as low as 5 degree celsius, it's enough to forced you to walk around the house with the sleeping bag wrapped around your body. shower in the morning does feels like a death sentence now.

nevertheless, as we in the south progress closer to the winter, up north the europeans are enjoying the full bloom of spring, and as they draw closer to the summer, the heat of the title race somehow matches the climate, they're getting hotter. just about an hour ago, man utd beat boro 2-0, giving them a six point lead and a bit of breathing space from the scousers prick as they heading to the midweek clash against arsenal.

however, while united might enjoyed the match, the teesiders are now facing more problems. the look on the fans at the end of the match tells the whole story, as they plunges closer to the championship football next season.with just 3 matches to go, their prospect of performing the great escape seems bleak now.

honestly, i can't bear to put myself in the positions of the boro fans. i believe they are now at the point when they can't even curse when the player mislaid a pass or when a striker shoots out wide. they must been wondering where they got it wrong. with proven internationals like downing and tuncay in their ranks, spearheaded by a promosing manager, surely they'll be good enough for mid table at least? somehow, with a reason beyond my knowledge and experience in the top flight of football (cewahh..), they're not.

i still remembers the day when boro trounces united at riverside. 4-1 was the result, with mendieta scoring twice.the day will forever be etched in my memories as one of the most painful days as a united fans. and they do, season after season, become one of united's bogey team. yet somehow, all seems like distant memory for them, as relegation looms larger than ever before. yes, relegation is not a new for boro, having been relegated in 1997, they fought their way up to the premier league once again. however, after been there for so long and managed to established themselves as a decent premiership side, the reality now might be too grim for them to handle.

however, the problem is not constricted to boro only. their neighbour, the once mighty but always-joked-about newcastle, are also in the same boat. the geordies, who used to run neck-to-neck with man united for the glory of premiership title, now find themselves in an unfamiliar territory, the relegation battle. and with them, lies a bigger mystery. they have a better set of players than the middlesbrough, who used to play for major clubs and in big european matches, and carries around a huge amount of experience. they shouldn't be here. yet, they are.

perhaps for the case of newcastle, people will said that the off-field saga is the main culprit. the issues with the board takes the focus off the players mind, while the always demanding fans might puts a lot of pressure into the players, and causing them to collapse. or perhaps they always changing manager, with having two manager at some point. or it could be that the old legs of owen (he's not so old, is he?) and butt and many more veterans have taken its toll and they could ni longer be at the top of their game.

however, this is not applicable to the boro. aside from the transfer rumours surrounding downing, they do not face any major issues at all, apart from the relegation battle of course. so could it be their young and small squad did not able to cope with the pressure of top flight football? or maybe they don't have the financial strength to cope with the rest of the field?

maybe the answer is just too simple: they're just not good enough.

whatever the reason is, should they not make it to the next season, i want to be the first to bid them goodbye. it's not that i want them to get relegated, it's because i know i'll miss them. premiership will never be the same without them. after all, newcastle did gives us something to laugh week-in,week-out, right?

so long then...

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orang kata, sbelum nikmat, perlu ada penyeksaan, barulah nikmat itu terasa. mungkin benar, lebih2 lagi setelah semalam.

dek kerana prelab, aku keluar rumah agak lewat, pukul 9.15 pagi. aku perlu berada di uni untuk kelas praktikal pukul sepuluh.

keluar ke tempat menunggu bas, bas tiada di tempat yg sepatutnya. sgt tidak membantu. melihat pada jam, ada sepuluh minit lg sebelum train yg akan membawa aku di destinasi tiba di waktu yg sepatutnya. menanti bas yg tk kunjung tiba takkan membawa aku ke mana, maka aku mengambil keputusan utk berjalan. 

dari berjalan, langkah dilajukan. aku melihat pada jam, sudah 3 minit aku berjalan. bob jane tmart, penanda aras menandakan aku sudah separuh jalan masih belum kelihatan. maka aku melangkah dengan lebih deras lagi.

dari berjalan, langkah dilajukan menjadi lari2 anak. masih ada beberapa minit. aku boleh, bisikku.

maka lari anak2 berubah menjadi larian pantas. tidaklah sepantas mana, tapi cukup utk membuatkan org di sekeliling melihat aku dgn penuh kepelikan dan kehairanan. masakan org yg berjogging berpakaian sebegini kemas, mungkin itulah yg mereka fikirkan.

larianku tidak lancar, sering terhenti dek lampu isyarat dan pejalan kaki yg lembap. sudah lama berlari, aku berhenti. aku lihat pada jam, 9.26. waktu train sepatutnya tiba. kemudian aku melihat sekeliling. semua kenderaan di jalanraya terhenti seketika.

hanya satu penjelasan sahaja.

ya, kau pun tahu. maknanya keretapi sdg melintas. kau sudah terlambat, maknanya tidak ada praktikal utkmu hari ini.

kalau putus asa merupakan sifat terkeji, maka akulah org yg paling keji waktu itu.langkah menjadi longlai dan tak bermaya, aku teruskan juga ke stesen, biarpun perasaan malas dan terkilan sdg menguasai diri.

tapi, sinar harapan kembali bernyala bila kenderaan jalanan sekali lagi terhenti. dari kejauhan, dapat dilihat train ke bandar sdg tiba. walaupun kehairanan, aku sekali lagi berlari selaju yg mampu utk menaiki train tersebut.

berjayakah aku?


sekali lagi, pejalan2 kaki lembap berjaya melambatkan aku. alangkah seronoknya mereka bergelak tawa riang sambil menghalang jalan aku, lgsung tidak peduli ttg org2 lain yg mahu segera ke sana. sudahnya, train meninggalkan stesen preston dan aku, membuatkan aku menyumpah2 keseorangan.

mujurlah jejaka kacak di kaunter pertanyaan dgn mudah dan sukacitanya memberikan aku kelas ganti. dapatlah mengubat sedikit gelisah di hati daripada kehilangan markah praktikal.bolehlah aku ke kuliah kimia, di mana sekumpulan pelajar tekad utk berbogel dalam kuliah, menganggu pensyarah yg cuba mengambil perhatian dgn mencelup tgnnye ke dalam sebalang liquid nitrogen tatkala kuliah terganggu dek projektor yg rosak.

itu kisah semalam.

cuti easter bermula hari ini utk aku. setelah menjawab ujian dan menyempurnakan tugasan matlab, maka dapatlah aku mencoret kisah ini dgn tenang sambil menghirup keelokan udara pagi di preston.

kepada semua rakan yg sedang atau akan bercuti, maka aku ucapkan selamat bercuti.

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